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Here we say what is occuring within the Local Community and the Local Council. Our policy and ethos is by and large, non-partisan. We make no bones about this because solutions we proffer are colour blind and have no race or religious affiliation

Customary Vacuum

Fabian Ukaegbu 15th Sep 2017 15:46:56 in

Whatever situation and circumstances, we are not the first to fight or lose war; thus, whatever and however we see it, we shall not be the first or last to cross the ocean.

Perils Of The Internet

Torome Emmanuel 3rd Jul 2017 15:02:35 in

The recent wannacry virus extenuate the point to everyone to be extremely vigilant when using the internet.

Language of Express and Message for Those Outside ...

Fabian Ukaegbu 6th Aug 2017 14:57:11 in

Language of Express and Message for Those Outside Home Land. Calling and Inviting all Igbos to bind themselves and work together.

No More Hostility

Fabian Ukaegbu 11th Aug 2017 14:55:26 in

Hostile drive to meet one?s expectation or aspiration is evil. If anyone looks back he will see that hostility is devil within. Fathers and sons,