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Africa Cup of Nations: Algeria beat Senegal to win final
Algeria win the Africa Cup of Nations for the second time as a freak early goal secures a 1-0 win against Senegal in Cairo.

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa accused in corruption row
President Cyril Ramaphosa accused by watchdog of misleading parliament and potential money laundering.

Africa Cup of Nations 2019: How well do you remember this year's tournament?
How well do you remember the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, which has just finished?

Eritrea Orthodox Church ex-leader expelled for 'heresy'
Eritrea Orthodox bishops say the name of former patriarch Antonios "should never be mentioned".

South Africa's ex-president Jacob Zuma reverses course on corruption inquiry
South Africa's ex-president Jacob Zuma agrees to give further testimony, withdrawing an earlier threat to pull out.

The African Cup of Nations: 'Fairy-tale' team, cursed jerseys and super fans
As Algeria and Senegal face each other in the final, we look at some of the tournament's high and low points.

Sudan's military and opposition power-sharing deal explained
After months of talks, Sudan's military and opposition have finally agreed to a power-sharing deal.

Beyoncé's Lion King album is more about Beyoncé than The Lion King
The star champions African musicians and rhythms on her 14-track companion piece to the Disney film.

ICC suspend Zimbabwe Cricket for political interference
The International Cricket Council (ICC) suspends Zimbabwe for failing to ensure there is no government interference in its running of the game.

Ebola: Your questions answered
BBC health and science correspondent James Gallagher answers your questions on the disease.

South Africa: Inside the football-mad township 'too dangerous' for scouts to visit
In one of South Africa's biggest townships, football is an obsession. But its crime rate means talented players go unseen by scouts, who deem it too dangerous to visit.

State capture: Zuma, the Guptas, and the sale of South Africa
South Africa's ex-president is giving evidence at a commission investigating "state capture", but what is it?

The inspiring Somali woman whose murder touched so many
Hodan Nalayeh launched a TV station in Canada and had recently moved to live and work in Somalia.

Sudan’s livestream massacre
The story of the deadly violence in Khartoum on 3 June, told through those who filmed it.

Sudan: Is it being exploited by foreign powers?
Sudan's opposition has accused its military leaders of allowing foreign powers to exploit the country.

Will Facebook's digital money Libra be good for Africa?
The crypto-currency Libra could have profound implications for a continent and its remittances.

West Africa's eco: What difference would a single currency make?
Experts are divided on the impact of the new currency will have in the 15 regional countries.

Sudan tomb diver reveals pharaoh's secrets
Archaeologists dive down to underwater tombs to access them for the first time in 100 years.

Afcon final: Visiting Sadio Mane's hometown
BBC Africa's Babacar Diarra visits Sadio Mane's hometown in Senegal.

Afcon 2019: Algeria's Riyad Mahrez feels love of his home town
Algeria's attempt to win the Afcon 2019 final will be led by Manchester City star Riyad Mahrez.

The Kenyan centre saving endangered chimpanzees
Timothy Mwangi has cared for chimpanzees for nearly two decades at this rescue centre in Kenya.

Uber drivers in Nairobi explain why they are on strike
Uber drivers are striking in Kenya have gone on strike over poor working conditions.

Bill Kasanda: 'Losing my leg didn't stop me biking'
Billy Kasanda refuses to allow an accident, in which he lost a leg, to stop him biking.

The Gambia's revolution: What has changed?
There are concerns The Gambia's new President, Adama Barrow, may try and cling to power.

Local Housing

This is one of the main issues facing local people. The inadequacy of social housing stock continues to be the main concerns of local people. And it is getting worst.

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Drugs And Illegal Substances

Taking illegal drug is always fraught with danger. You don't need me to tell you that - your grand mother will say the same. The high very often tend to perpetual low that you will never get out from. Get advise now before it is too late

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Knife Attacks

Who goes around with a knive as weapon of protection is deluded. It will inevitably be your comeuppance. Just in case you do not understand, it will kill you. There is no justification for carrying a knive excerpt when you are foraging in the jungle.

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Gang Culture

We were all young once - doing things adults will frown upon. This was at school or in the play grounds. But as we grew up, people we wanted to associate with start to shrink in numbers as our brain matured correspondingly and as a result doing the right thing. Pick your friends judiciously.

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Local Parks

From a personal experience - the local park is a refuge for meditation,physical exploration and mental rejuvination. Just go for a slow run and see how you feel afterwards. Physical and mentally rewarding. Don't just take my words for it - it is a scientific fact. Please do try it.

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24/7 Support

We are your one stop local solution advocate. Dont't carry all that weight on your own we are here to not only relief some of it, but to help you get back to you again.

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