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Nigeria's police: The lingering effects of a colonial massacre
The shooting dead of striking miners in 1949 continues to have resonance in Nigeria today.

Vedanta mine settles Zambian villagers' pollution claim
The claimants allege a toxic discharge poisoned water sources and destroyed farmland.

Namibia SGBV: Shannon Wasserfal's death sparks protests against femicide
The death of Shannon Wasserfal sparked protests in Namibia against sex and gender based violence.

Egyptian woman arrested for baking 'indecent' cakes
Photos of the cakes, some topped with genitalia fashioned out of fondant icing, went viral online.

Southampton: Ghana's Asante Kotoko link up with English Premier League club
Ghana's Asante Kotoko links up with Southampton as one of the Premier League side's International Club Partners.

US in Somalia: 'We still need the Americans for security'
A partial withdrawal of US troops from Somalia is coming at a critical time for the country.

How Gambia is grappling with gruesome past under Yahya Jammeh
Gambia's truth commission has revealed tales of murder and torture that jar with Gambians' self image.

Ethiopia's Oromia conflict: Why a teacher was killed 'execution-style'
An increasing number of civilians are becoming victims of the conflict in Ethiopia's Oromia region.

Africa's week in pictures: 8 - 14 January 2021
A selection of the week's best photos from across the continent and beyond.

Viewpoint: Global media's Nigeria abductions coverage 'wrong'
Novelist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani criticises coverage of the kidnapping of schoolchildren.

Africa internet: Where and how are governments blocking it?
Uganda has restricted internet access ahead of elections, but it's not the only African country to have done this.

Africa's fears over Covid-19 vaccine shortage
We need timely and equitable access to the vaccines, one of Africa's top health officials says.

Lekki toll gate shootings: What really happened?
Mayeni Jones investigates what happened when the army opened fire on protesters in Lagos in October.

Madagascar: UN's WFP warns of a humanitarian crisis due to drought and Covid-19
A third of the population of Madagascar will suffer from food insecurity due to ongoing droughts and a recession.

Project 17: One girl's quest for clean water in Rwanda
Joyce, 17, explores progress towards the goal of clean water for all in her country, Rwanda.

US Election 2020: What do countries around the world want from Joe Biden?
We speak to reporters in six global regions about hopes and expectations for the new US administration.

Kenya Covid-19: Has the pandemic led to an increase in FGM?
There are concerns that the Covid-19 pandemic has created the environment for a rise in FGM cases in Kenya.

Uganda elections 2021: 'We want peace'
The BBC's Catherine Byaruhanga speaks to voters as they wait to cast their ballots.

Local Housing

This is one of the main issues facing local people. The inadequacy of social housing stock continues to be the main concerns of local people. And it is getting worst.

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Drugs And Illegal Substances

Taking illegal drug is always fraught with danger. You don't need me to tell you that - your grand mother will say the same. The high very often tend to perpetual low that you will never get out from. Get advise now before it is too late

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Knife Attacks

Who goes around with a knive as weapon of protection is deluded. It will inevitably be your comeuppance. Just in case you do not understand, it will kill you. There is no justification for carrying a knive excerpt when you are foraging in the jungle.

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Gang Culture

We were all young once - doing things adults will frown upon. This was at school or in the play grounds. But as we grew up, people we wanted to associate with start to shrink in numbers as our brain matured correspondingly and as a result doing the right thing. Pick your friends judiciously.

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Local Parks

From a personal experience - the local park is a refuge for meditation,physical exploration and mental rejuvination. Just go for a slow run and see how you feel afterwards. Physical and mentally rewarding. Don't just take my words for it - it is a scientific fact. Please do try it.

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24/7 Support

We are your one stop local solution advocate. Dont't carry all that weight on your own we are here to not only relief some of it, but to help you get back to you again.

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